Road Map

Now that Beta is underway, I wanted to take some time to release the current roadmap for the game. There is still a lot of unreleased ideas and features, and bug fixes will always have priority. However, the list below contains the features and mechanics that will be worked on over the next 2 months, helping grow the game and continue to expand what's possible.

Estin City
Overall, the city will be redesigned to move away from the text and orange boxes currently in place to a more visual and interactive design.

Factions will be completed over the next two weeks. This includes all administrative features, faction based chat, ability to donate items / credits, and more!

General Artwork
The game is still without a dedicate artist, so I've been sourcing artwork from various parts of the internet. In the coming weeks, more artwork will be added, including: skills, items, weapons, and armor.

That's it for the current planned roadmap, in addition to ensuring various UX and UI fixes are implemented to help prepare for the upcoming mobile design. We hope you enjoy what the game offers so far and continue to grow with us!

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