Alpha Dev Wrap Up

The game is finally in the last stages of Alpha development. The last features on the list are Career Progression, Basic Skills, and the system that handles University Course progression. So far, I'm about 25% done with the Career Progression and should have that finished up in the next week or so. Then I'll revisit the Skill system to see what can be implemented. Beyond that will be the fairly easy Uni Course progression which I believe will be relatively quick and easy to wrap up.

The projected time line for getting the game to Beta is about a month or less. So towards the end of March I expect to have a stable enough game that has enough mechanics and features to show off. My hopes are to be able to allow a player to spend 20-30 minutes per session without getting bored immediately.

With all that being said, I'm still very excited and eager to get the game online as soon as possible. I've shifted my focus towards other things recently (helping kids learn to code), but I'm still just as dedicated to getting ForEverAll launched.

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