The Intellect class describes a citizen who's extremely smart, witty and can solve the most complex problems within their expertise. They make the best engineers, the best computer scientists, they are the epitome of progress and resolution.

Intellects aren't known for their fighting abilities outside of understand advanced tactics and weapon design. They are often introverted and would rather solve conflict through diplomacy and civility as opposed to aggressions and force.


The Rugged class encompasses a citizen who is tough, resilient and able to overcome any level of hardship through determination or force. They are the ones working the farm lands, standing strong on the front lines of war and doing the hands-on dirty work that others rather not do.

What they lack for in intelligence and deep conversations they more than make up for in their strength and toughness.


The lone wolf, the go-to person who's amazing with technology and the latest gadgets. The infamous hacker who brings down networks for fun or the spy who no one suspects. Tracer's are quick witted, sneaky, and can work their way out of most sticky situations.

While they aren't great fighters and stay out of the spotlight, their usage of gadgets and sharp wits help them overcome various situations.


To the Militant, war is the answer. Funding the machines of defense and battle are what they day dream about. Ensuring the front lines are secure and fully kitted out are their focus. They thrive in times of high-stress and enduring struggle. Their the ones that plan, implement and execute all aspects of the city's military.

Militants tend to be well rounded, though they aren't the most charismatic figures.


A Glamourist is often found enjoying themselves at the casino, their the ones deeply entrenched in politics while soaking up the spotlight. They make decent leaders, are often seen as being loud and extravagant, while at the same time ensuring their friends and family enjoy life.

Not one to find themselves in physical conflict or hacking away at a computer, they are slick and can find deals on almost anything.