Something for every play style!

Starting out, you'll select 1 of 5 different classes for your citizen but this doesn't limit you in any way! You're free to play the game as you see fit. Want to lead a political campaign in order to surge into the spotlight in your sector? Maybe you want spend your hours at the casino taking chances and chasing the big payoff!

No matter what your play style is, you'll be able to make an impact in the city and amongst other citizens. Spend and invest your hard earned credits at the Trading Hub or the Stock Exchange. Take on the daunting mining droids and drill for precious minerals. The choice is yours!

Uptown Lifestyle

Live the ritzy lifestyle, the high-life! Follow in the footsteps of great glamourists and intelligent minds!

Hit the Casino

Take your chances on the slots, high or low, or MagLevite betting.

University Courses

Enroll in a course and level up your knowledge!

Career Paths

Start your career from 1 of 6 different career choices.

MagLevite Racing

Hop in your very own MagLevite and take on others on the race circuit!

Rough and Rugged!

Or, get your hands dirty and grind your way to massive levels of riches through sheer determination.

Battle Others

Gear up! You'll be able to fight players within your skill set.

Mining Droids

Dig into the mines for your chance at finding valuable minerals!

Establish a Faction

Want to dominate the city with friends? Create your own faction and go for it!

Scrap Yard

Explore the dangerous scrap yard and you may find incredible things.